Bridging Gaps, Building Foundations, Breaking Barriers for each client.

Mike Deveney is an answered prayer. He helped both of my parents find their balance again. With his incredibly inspiring spirit and devoted way of understanding what works for each client, he was able to bring both of my parents into joy with a greater ability to walk and feel well again. He provides insight on building better nutrition, gait, focus, strength and resilience, because he carries these qualities in his pocket. My father was in hospice for many months and Mike’s positive energy and consistency provided incentive and ultimately, my father was discharged from hospice and began walking again. Mike was patient and kind with my mother, who is challenged with Dementia and he knew how to encourage her and bring vitality back to her mood and spirit.

Mike attunes his wisdom and grace of teaching to each person; he understands the very nature of the challenges of walking and finding freedom, strength and clarity again after a fall, surgery or simply not exercising enough in the aging process.I would recommend Mike to anyone who is seeking to renew the intrinsic ability to walk and feel good in one’s body again. Mike’s confidence, experience and understanding of physical challenges, become motivating factors to create a better way of being in the world.

Our whole family is grateful for “Iron Mike”!

Thank you Mike,

The McGarry Family

Michael Deveney is a unique and extraordinarily gifted Performance Coach. His knowledge of biomechanics and the human body is profound, as is his ability to instruct and communicate.

I worked with Mike for 12 hours over the course of two weeks this summer. A resident of Virginia, I traveled to Pennsylvania to meet Mike. Mike had tremendously helped a loved one who suffered from knee pain and is now pain-free.

My time with Mike focused on movement training and body awareness — learning to move in a way that took pressure off my back and to feel how certain movements were experienced within my body. Mike explained that body awareness helps his clients replicate healthy movements for the rest of their lives.
Thanks in large part to Mike and his dedication to my health, I am on the path of recovery.

You could not ask for a more skilled, compassionate coach than Mike Deveney. God has gifted him with the capacity to help people in need and to care for them with genuine interest in their well-being. He is fully committed to helping restore function, teach efficient movement, and lead his clients to a brighter future.

I thank God for Mike Deveney and his support, encouragement, and kindness. As a result of our sessions together, I can honestly say that my life will never be the same.

Mary C.

I’ve been working with Mike at NXT Performance Training for over 15 years.
Mike has an incredible amount of knowledge of the body and exercise.

He knows how to get the most improvement without causing pain or injury He is always looking out for the health, welfare, and safety of his clients.

Mike understands sports and is always working with you to achieve the results you want.

I can’t imagine training with anyone else.

George M.

My wife and I have known Mike since 2012. It was shortly after my knee surgery after competing in Olympic lifting for years with USAW and decades of playing sports. The long story short, Mike has saved my life since. My wife has never lifted a weight in her life and she started training. We both have curvature in our spines and have desk jobs so it’s very important that we correct all of our imbalances. It took some time un-doing my bad habits and correctly recruiting important muscles, core and glutes. Our posture has improved gradually, so much over the years that it’s almost effortless to move our bodies (40+ years old now), and I’m more aware of my body now than I was 20 years ago. Recently my wife trained 3 times in 5 days by herself. She loves going to the gym and training. It’s been an incredible journey and we continue reaching out to Mike for our training programs. We meet with him from time to time (we’re 150 miles away and it’s worth the drive). We strongly recommend Mike and his method of teaching and training. His energy and attention to detail are just what we need to make progress over time. He should hold more clinics and give some talks at some of these sporting events.
Scott K.
Mike is an excellent trainer with a vast wealth of knowledge. He is sensitive, consistent and flexible. Working with him has given me confidence in my strength and flexibility as I age. I would recommend him most highly to anyone of any age!
Cathleen C.
Mike, Helps me understand my body and he trains for the needs of my body. When I started down this path I was a couch potato; now I am moving like an athlete. I highly recommend Mike.
Denise M.
Mike is a master of body function. He knows all the muscles and many various other body parts and how they work together. If you have an injury, he will know what to do, he will know how to work with you for your maximum benefit. He will know how to train you to function to protect your joints and he will know how to motivate you to actually do it. You cannot get a better trainer or teacher whether you are a youngster, a budding athlete, a skilled athlete, a normal person trying to be their best, a weekend warrior who wants to be a better golfer, baseball player or whatever sport, or an old timer like me who just wants to function well and last longer physically without pain and look stronger and better. I have been working with him for almost 2 years, I have great results and I have complete confidence in recommending him.
I have been working with Mike once a month for about 2 1/2 years and am amazed with my progress and with his expertise. If you have a deficiency or just want to get stronger and more efficient in your athletic movements he can give you exercises to improve. He can detect the slightest improper movement that may be causing pain or discomfort or inefficiency and if you are unable to do a suggested exercise, he’ll substitute another that you can do. It is obvious how much he cares about his clients and he truly loves helping to improve their functional movements. If you have a question or can’t remember an exercise and email or text him, he calls or texts back quickly to answer and clarify. He will touch base between sessions to find out how you are doing and feeling so he knows what to include in your next program. I am 70 and have never had a stronger core or better posture and balance (all of which still needs to be improved). I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Sue S.
I have had a few workouts with Michael. He is the best. All about doing it right and lining up your body so that you walk straight and build your core via your glutes, abs and back. Great guy, very dedicated. Most “trainers” that I had used in the past take you around the gym and have you lift weights on machines. Michael’s first session is an assessment to determine where you are and take it from there. Can’t say enough good things!
Jay Joyce

As both a Physician and a formal Exercise Physiologist, I enthusiastically endorse Mike Deveney as a Performance Coach/Trainer. Three years ago, following recovery from a major illness that had largely confined me to bed rest at home for a prolonged period of time, my tolerance for carrying out even minimal activities of daily living was extremely limited. Since my physician colleagues determined that the usual organs limiting exercise (heart, lungs, limb muscles, respiratory muscles) were not afflicted with any disease-specific pathology, the best therapy for my deconditioned state was progressive exercise therapy. At that point I consulted Mike Deveney, who designed a detailed therapeutic plan and came to my house weekly to instruct me throughout the program. At the end of six months, my exercise tolerance had returned to normal. Due to Mike’s unique approach, I continue training with him while being stronger and lighter on my feet!

Sanford Levine, M.D., FACP, FCCP

I started training with Mike over three years ago because I was ready to lose weight.  Mike has helped me to not only achieve my weight loss goals, but has also helped me to become a more athletic and knowledgeable person.  Since I started training with Mike, I have lost a total of 140 pounds and have gained significant strength and endurance in the process.  Mike’s approach to training is the best around.  He walks a fine balance between making a program new and challenging while at the same time taking safety into account.  I have not injured myself once since training with Mike, and have even rehabilitated my knee which had been bothering me for years prior.  I am so thankful for everything Mike has done for me; I cannot recommend him more!


Mike was referred to me by a chiropractor, since I was experiencing recurrent pain. Recently, I had several herniated discs in my back and surgery on my foot, which had left me with issues such as recurring Achilles tendinitis and sciatica. Seemingly immediately, Mike taught me how to relieve the pain through self-active muscle release techniques and functional training aimed at alleviating longstanding muscular imbalances. Within literally months I was performing at levels I thought I’d never achieve. Later, through his continued patience and guidance, I pushed even further into the best shape of my life. Because of my successes with Mike, I referred him to my family and friends who have done the same. Although I am unable to work with Mike since I moved out of state, I think of him regularly since I still utilize his approach!

Jon Markowich

I was a reluctant workout participant until I started to work out with Mike. Mike is truly committed to helping his clients to understand better health through fitness. He is extremely knowledgeable and determined to make you better and healthier. I am stronger, more powerful and have better endurance, and Mike is a big part of my success. I have found him to be honest, ethical, hard-working and totally committed to each individual he works with.


When I turned 40, I realized that years of abuse from sitting at a desk and business travel had left me in bad shape. I had chronic neck and back pain, I had stopped playing basketball because it hurt my knees and I was 15 pounds overweight. So I started training with Mike, and the results have been astounding. I’ve lost those 15 pounds, I no longer have any back, neck or knee pain and I’ve gained considerable strength. Even as a child, I could never do pullups – now I easily do 4 sets of 10-12, as well as many other physical feats I didn’t think were possible. In short, I feel 10 years younger than I did 5 years ago when I started working with him. He is a consummate professional, a student of the body and physiology and is constantly thinking of the long term consequences of how you can stay healthy, happy and vigorous as you age.


I have had chronic problems over tens of years, since I was young, with my lower back, a knee and both calves. Mike custom-made for me special exercises that work well, greatly alleviating the pain and even allowing me to exercise normally.  Mike has an ability to see all the body muscles as a whole in all their interconnections and interactions. I also very much like his overall philosophy, which guides him in developing sets of diversified, forever-changing exercises, which avoids boredom and provides overall pliability and endurance of the body. The only thing I regret, truly, is that I did not meet him 20 years ago.


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