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Post Rehab – Pain Management

In-Home Post Rehab – Pain Management Coaching for Adults and Elderly on the Main Line in Chester County, Pa or Delaware County, PA.

NXT Performance Training provides in-home Post-Rehab services to adults and elderly patients residing in Paoli and the surrounding Main Line communities.

How many times in your life have you heard of a friend or relative who just completed a bout of physical therapy and attempted to return to regular exercise, only to reinjure themselves a short time later? Young or old, there are many people who experience this on-again, off-again pattern at some point in their lives. What many people don’t realize is that considerations above and beyond pain must be made to safely transition back into an exercise program.

At NXT, our coaches are highly experienced in teaching people how to make the safe transition back into regular exercise. We understand that factors such as whether the injury was acute or chronic and their previous training background and athletic history are key variables that can determine how quickly someone can return to activity.

Resilience-Building Program for Long-Term Wellness

One of the most significant benefits you will receive from participating in our program is the resilience you will develop for future injuries. We have had many clients come to us who have successfully made the transition back into activity and have remained pain-free for years, along with developing a heightened level of “awareness.”

The benefits you will experience by participating in our program include:

  • Improved tissue health/elasticity
  • Improved posture/ joint stability
  • Free, unrestricted movement
  • A stronger, resilient body (you!)
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“I have had chronic problems over tens of years, since I was young, with my lower back, a knee and both calves. Mike custom-made for me special exercises that work well, greatly alleviating the pain and even allowing me to exercise normally. Mike has an ability to see all the body muscles as a whole in all their interconnections and interactions. I also very much like his overall philosophy, which guides him in developing sets of diversified, forever-changing exercises, which avoids boredom and provides overall pliability and endurance of the body. The only thing I regret, truly, is that I did not meet him 20 years ago.”


Wynnewood, PA