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Achieve Performance and Wellness With In-Home Services Across PA

NXT Performance Training provides In-home Rehabilitative services for people suffering from chronic pain or issues with balance or strength due to a fall, injury, stroke, or natural aging. NXT Performance Training coaches athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to improve their game by enhancing their power, strength, and agility.

Tailored Sports Performance Training Services

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Sports Performance Training

Develop the speed, strength, and power necessary to separate yourself from the competition.

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Weight Loss

Break through plateaus and reignite your body to achieve the results you have been tirelessly searching for.

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Functional Movement Coaching

Build your foundation and move more efficiently by learning how to control your body from the inside out.

A person is rolling on the ground with a foam roller.

Pain Management

Free yourself from the vicious cycle that is affecting your health and performance.

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Post Rehab – Pain Management

Stay injury-free and make the safe and smooth transition back into the gym and the field of play.

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Senior Fitness Training

Step out of the shadows and overcome barriers you thought were impossible to overcome.