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Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training and Coaching for Athletes Living on the Main Line and in Chester County, PA or Delaware County, PA.

NXT Performance Training provides In-home Sports Performance Training services for the athletic populations in Paoli and the surrounding Main Line communities.

In the athletic arena, each and every one of us has a common goal: work hard to gain that all-important competitive edge over the competition. Whether you are a basketball athlete looking to increase your vertical jump or a soccer athlete needing to improve your speed and agility, intelligent planning and hard work must be performed to achieve both short- and long-term success.

Personalized Performance Assessments and Training

While every sport requires a specific skill set to perform at a high level, each and every athlete brings with them a unique genetic makeup, some more gifted than others. Some athletes are gifted with the athletic prowess to run fast and jump high, while others can run 3 miles without breaking a sweat.

Prior to any training at NXT, each athlete is thoroughly assessed to identify specific areas of weakness inhibiting their performance. A key component of this includes movement screening to identify muscle imbalances that are limiting strength and power and potentially leading to future injury. Once muscle imbalances are identified, our coaches then design a specialized program to address individual and sport-specific needs. As a result of intelligent programming, you will:

  • Become lighter on your feet.
  • Increase strength and power.
  • Recover more quickly from activity.
  • Decrease the potential for injury.
  • Overall, take your game to the next level!
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“As both a Physician and a formal Exercise Physiologist, I enthusiastically endorse Mike Deveney as a Performance Coach/Trainer. Three years ago, following recovery from a major illness that had largely confined me to bed rest at home for a prolonged period of time, my tolerance for carrying out even minimal activities of daily living was extremely limited. Since my physician colleagues determined that the usual organs limiting exercise (heart, lungs, limb muscles, respiratory muscles) were not afflicted with any disease-specific pathology, the best therapy for my deconditioned state was progressive exercise therapy. At that point I consulted Mike Deveney, who designed a detailed therapeutic plan and came to my house weekly to instruct me throughout the program. At the end of six months, my exercise tolerance had returned to normal. Due to Mike’s unique approach, I continue training with him while being stronger and lighter on my feet!”

Sanford Levine, M.D., FACP, FCCP