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About Michael Deveney, Certified Personal Trainer/Strength Coach

Mike is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Performance Enhancement Specialist. He has been practicing as an In-home Personal Trainer and Performance Coach since 1998, serving clients who are looking to improve their health and performance in life and sports.

People come to NXT when they need training and education that will provide them with the tools they need to eliminate pain and establish the proper foundation of strength and movement that is crucial for long-term goal achievement.

Mike’s approach is to establish optimum postural alignment and movement awareness in order to restore pain-free, uninhibited movement and improve overall well-being.

My Rehab Story

A few years ago, I suffered a broken back in a car accident. Recuperation from such a crippling injury usually takes a year or more to properly heal. The doctor released me to golf three months post-surgery.

Fortunately, being a three-sport athlete, I had developed a solid foundation of strength and continued to build on it throughout my life. Because of this and my knowledge of the body, I spent limited time in physical therapy and continued progressing on my own. To this day, I am pain-free and stronger than I was prior to the surgery.

By living through such a traumatic injury, I have a heightened level of empathy required to coach people while showing them the path to a better quality of life.