A woman in pink pants and top doing yoga.

Tailored Solutions for Your Fitness Goals

Whether you are confused about how to establish a training program that will work for you or strapped for time and don’t like gyms, NXT is now offering online training sessions to meet your needs. We are problem solvers, and each program/session is designed for your unique physiology and the tools you have available to work with. It doesn’t matter if you only have bands and your body to work with; we will adapt the training to work with the tools you have at that time to maximize results. During the first session, we will conduct a Movement assessment to determine specific weak links that need to be addressed. The results of this assessment will enable us to establish an individualized program that allows you to develop a foundation of strength to break through barriers and achieve long-term results.

Online Coaching

Whether you are just beginning or have been active in the iron game already, it is critical to understand that how you move and control your body will make or break your results. Many individuals who embark on a training program will perform exercises without first establishing a strong base for the movements they are utilizing. Continuing on this path will ultimately lead to subpar results and a potential future breakdown (injury) when least expected. With 20+ years of experience, our coaches have highly trained eyes and teaching abilities and will provide you with the proper cues to make subtle adjustments for any movement. Continued feedback is critical to ensure that you are staying healthy and effectively controlling movements for short and long-term success.

Having a coach in your corner will provide you with the knowledge and reassurance that you are moving well and developing the body control needed when performing every exercise.

A man is doing squats with a ball