A woman swinging at a golf ball on the course.

Golf Performance Training

As golf has grown in popularity, so have the injuries that accompany this sport. The unique Mental and Physical stresses that occur during each round require specific training to prepare individuals for and develop resilience to the stresses of the game. At NXT, we have established an all-encompassing Performance Enhancement program that will address your unique needs to Bridge the Gap between the weight room and the greens. Key components of the program include a Structural / Movement assessment to identify hidden “Energy Leaks” that have been putting the brakes on your performance. Individualized programming with exercises implemented to address weak links, establish a foundation of Strength, and Connect your body to play without pain. Also, our coaches will teach you how to properly initiate movement to absorb and transfer forces effectively when moving. This will be the Game Changer for most that will allow you to finally “Access and Transfer” your gains into your swing.