Functional Movement Coaching

In-Home Functional Movement Coaching for Individuals Living on the Main Line and in Chester County Pa or Delaware County Pa.

NXT Performance Training provides Functional Movement Coaching to adults residing in Paoli and the surrounding Main Line communities, including Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Devon, Malvern, Narberth, Newtown Square, Wayne and Wynnewood.

Whether you sit at a desk or stand on your feet all day, maintaining optimum alignment (posture) provides the foundation for safe and effective movement.

Your Foundation for Life

In today’s technologically based society, our bodies are predisposed to developing suboptimal alignments due to sitting for longer periods throughout the day. Whether working at a desk, driving the kids to sports or at home watching a favorite TV show, we are lacking much-needed movement for a majority of the day.

Why is this significant? Our lives predispose us to developing certain movement patterns and habits that we repeat day in and day out. Whether it’s sleeping on one side all the time, sitting at your desk in your favorite chair, carrying your luggage in the same arm when travelling or leading with the same foot when walking, we are creatures of habit. These daily habits have a direct effect on your posture and overall health/performance.

At NXT, you will become the healthiest version of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 70, you will gain the awareness needed to properly align your body in and out of the gym on a daily basis. Proper alignment will be reinforced for every rep of every set, and our coaches will teach you how to listen to your body and “feel” what muscles should be active when performing any movement. Gaining this education will lay the foundation for short- and long-term goal achievement. More importantly, you will leave each session reassured that you are making progress.


Mike was referred to me by a chiropractor, since I was experiencing recurrent pain. Recently, I had several herniated discs in my back and surgery on my foot, which had left me with issues such as recurring Achilles tendinitis and sciatica. Seemingly immediately, Mike taught me how to relieve the pain through self-active muscle release techniques and functional training aimed at alleviating longstanding muscular imbalances. Within literally months I was performing at levels I thought I’d never achieve. Later, through his continued patience and guidance, I pushed even further into the best shape of my life. Because of my successes with Mike, I referred him to my family and friends who have done the same. Although I am unable to work with Mike since I moved out of state, I think of him regularly since I still utilize his approach!

Jon Markowich

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